The Intention Of Getting Married

A person who gets married should do so with the intention of protecting himself from fornication, from looking at harams [1] . He should make his niyyat (intention) to raise salih [2] children, to contribute to the multiplication Muhammad’s ‘alaihis-salam’ Ummat [3] , and to adapt himself to his Sunnat [4] in nikah (marriage). To attempt to hoard property through haram, and to adduce one’s household as an excuse for this illegitimate way of earning, betrays the fact that one has not made one’s nikah compatibly with the Sunnat.

[1] haram: an action, word or thought prohibited by Allahu ta’ala.
[2] salih: (pl. sulaha’) one who is pious and abstains from sins, (opposite: fasiq); see Wali.
[3] umma(t) followers of Muhammad (‘alaihi ‘s-salam); the community, body of believers, of a prophet.
[4] sunnat: i) act, thing that was, though not commanded by Allahu ta’ala, done and liked by the Prophet (‘alaihi ‘s-salam) as an ‘ibada (there is thawab if done, but no sin if omitted, yet it causes sin if continually omitted and disbelief if disliked; the Sunna; i) (with fard) all the sunnas as a whole; ii) (with the Book or Qur’an al-karim) the Hadith ash-sharif; iii) (alone) fiqh, Islam.

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