Three Necessities

The things necessary for everybody, and especially the youth, are three: The first necessity is to correct the faith, so as from the Hell fire to be set free.

For that purpose you must gain the exact knowledge of faith and îmân. Knowledge is required to believe and then to act upon the Divine Firmân.

You should learn the aqaîd, and fiqh as much as needed in your case. The second necessity is to obey the sharî'at and follow Muhammad (alaihissalâm) pace by pace.

The third necessity is to acquire ikhlâs in every deed discarding vanity and show. In obtaining all these essentials of Islam, you should be like an arrow in a bow,

the acceptance and reward for a deed with no ikhlâs is impossible to find. The source of ikhlâs is tasawwuf, keep that always in mind.