Point Of Sending The Prophets

Imam-i Ghazali says in his book Kimya-i Sa'adat:

   Prophets' being sent is subjugation, compulsion. It is intended to pull people to Paradise by means of the chain of compulsion. Indeed, it is purported, "Are you astonished to see people being pulled to Paradise with chains?" The Shari'at [1] is a lasso that nooses people lest they should go to Hell. Indeed, it is purported, "Like moths you throw yourselves into the fire. And holding by your belt I pull you back. " Another link in the chain of Allah's attribute Jabbar [doing whatever He likes] is the words of prophets 'alaihimussalam'. It is through these words that men can distinguish the right way from wrong ways. The danger pointed out by them forms fear in man. This knowledge of distinguishing and the fear clear away the dust from the mirror of mind. Mind, being polished, realizes that it will be better to take the way to the Hereafter than being seized by the world's pleasures. This realization forms the will to work for the Hereafter. Since man's limbs are dependent upon his will, they then begin to work for the Hereafter. Through this chain, Allahu ta'ala forces you to keep away from Hell and pulls you towards Paradise. Prophets are like shepherds of a flock of sheep. If there is a meadow on the right hand side of the flock and a cavefull of wolves on the left, the shepherd will stand on the side of the cave and sway his stick to drive the flock towards the meadow. The sending of prophets 'alaihimussalam' is reminiscent of this.

[1] Shari'at: (pl. of Shari'a) i) rules and commandments as a whole of the religion. ii) religion.