We Should Hold Fast To The True Religion

Hadrat [1] Yusuf Nabhani says in his booklet Khulasa-t-ul-kalam:

Man forms a liking to his settled tendencies. He does not want to cease from doing them. When he is born, for instance, be gets used to sucking milk, and hates to get weaned. As he grows, he becomes accustomed to his home, to his quarter, to his hometown. It becomes very difficult for him to part with them. Later on, he becomes wont to his shop, to his profession, to his scientific branch, to his family, to his language and religion, and hates to part with them.

Thus various communities, tribes, nations come into being. Then, a nation's love of their religion is not the result of a realization that their religion is the best of religions. A wise person should study his religion, compare it with other religions, find out what religion is the true one and hold fast to it. For adherence to a wrong religion will drift one to eternal disasters and everlasting torments. O man, wake up from oblivion! If you say, "How do I know what religion is the true one? I believe that the religion I am accustomed to is the true one. I love this religion," then you should know that "Religion means to obey the commandments and prohibitions which Allah has sent through Prophets. " These injunctions are men's duties to their Rabb (Allah) and to one another.

[1] Hadrat: title of respect used before the names of great people like and Islamic scholars.