There Is No Islamic Philosophy (Part 2)


Mind is like an eye, and the Shari'at [1] is like light. In other words, man's mind is weak by creation, like his eyes. Our eyes cannot see objects in the dark. Allahu ta'ala has created the sun, light, so that we might utilize our organ of sight. If it were not for the light of the sun and various sources of light, our eyes would be useless. We could not shun dangerous things or places, nor could we find useful things. Yes, he who does not open his eyes or whose eyes are out of order cannot utilize the sun. But such people do not have the right to blame the sun.

Likewise, our mind cannot understand heavenly facts, useful and harmful things by itself. Allahu ta'ala created prophets, the light of the Shari'at so that we might utilize our mind. If prophets had not shown the way of being comfortable in this world and the next, our mind would be useless, for it could not find it. We could not avoid dangers and harms.

Yes, people or peoples who do not adapt themselves to Islam and who have a little mind cannot appreciate prophets. They cannot elude dangers and the harms in this world and the next. No individual, no society can be prosperous unless they follow the way shown by prophets, no matter how many scientific means, how high posts and ranking positions, and how much money they have. Happy, pleased as they may look, they are in deep distress. Those who live comfortably and happily both in this world and in the next are only those who adapt themselves to prophets. It should be known also that to attain comfort and happiness, claiming or pretending to be Muslim only is not sufficient. It is necessary to learn Islam well and to obey the commandments and prohibitions.

[1] Shari'at: (pl. of Shari'a) i) rules and commandments as a whole of the religion. ii) religion.