There Is No Islamic Philosophy (Part 1)


Philosophers and today's communists are people who attempt to comprehend everything through mind and to adapt it to mind and who believe only what mind approves. They have been able to find out the truth in things that mind can comprehend, yet have gone wrong and erred in facts that mind cannot grasp or reach. As a matter of fact, later ones have censured earlier ones, and they have reproved one another.

But Islamic savants 'rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alaihim ajma'in', after studying the scientific knowledge up to their time and learning well the eighty main branches of knowledge, have opened their hearts and purified their nafses [1] in the way shown by the Shari'at [2], thus finding out the truth and reaching perfection in those branches of knowledge which mind cannot comprehend, too. To call Islamic savants philosophers means to downgrade them. Philosophers are people enslaved, imprisoned by the erring mind. When they say something through mind without experimentation, and when they are tricked by their imagination while explaining the experiments, they make mistakes and are harmful. For this reason and since they cannot exceed the limits of mind, they cannot be exalted like Islamic savants.

He who is without a mind is mad. He who does not use his mind is prodigal. It is prodigality not to act reasonably. He who has a little mind is an idiot. A person who follows and depends on mind only and who goes wrong in what mind cannot comprehend is a philosopher. And those exalted people who depend on mind, on what mind can comprehend and on those who can guide the mind to the right way under the light of the Qur'an in matters that may confuse mind, are Islamic savants. Then, there is no philosophy in Islam. There is no Islamic philosophy, nor are there Islamic philosophers. There are the branches of Islamic knowledge, which are above philosophy, and Islamic savants, who are superior to philosophers.

[1] nafs: a force in man which wants him to harm himself religiously; an-nafs al-ammara. A negative force within man prompting him to do evil. (Nafs-i ammara). Nafs is ammara by creation, that is, it always wishes evil and harmful deeds to be done. It is reluctant to obey the Shari'at. The nafs of a man who obeys the Shari'at and makes progress in the way of tasawwuf becomes mutmainna. It wishes to obey the Shari'at.
[2] Shari'at: (pl. of Shari'a) i) rules and commandments as a whole of the religion. ii) religion.