It Is Mustahab To Have The Iftar Early (Part 2)


It is mustahab [1] to have the iftar before performing the evening prayer. However, the mustahab must be done without in order to save a worship from the danger of coming to naught. One should first perform the evening prayer and then have the iftar. Thus, the iftar will still be had before the stars are seen. That is, one will have made haste and one's fast will escape the danger of becoming null and void. It is possible to perform the maghrib salat (evening prayer) again before its time is over. The mistake's being on the part of the calendar, clock, candle, gun or adhan does not save one's fast from being ruined.

Ibni Abidin says in the section about prayer times, "Starting the iftar requires two just Muslims' reporting that the sun has set. Even one Muslim will do." [As seen above, the person who prepares the calendar, the person who fires the iftar cannon and the person who calls the adhan [2] should all be dependable people].

[1] mustahab: (act, thing) deserving thawab if done but no sin if omitted, nor disbelief if disliked.
[2] adhan: i) the Muslim call to prayer. ii) the call to salat.