Fifteen Kinds Of Plague For A Person Not Performing Namâz

A hadîth-i sherîf, quoted in the book Qurratul'uyûn, declares, "If a person does not perform namâz though he has no good excuse, Allahu ta'âlâ will give him fifteen kinds of plague. Six of them will come in the world, three will come at the time of death, three will come in the grave, and three will come when rising from the grave.
The six plagues in the world are:
1 - Person who does not perform namâz will not have barakat in his lifetime.
2 - He will not have the beauty, the lovableness peculiar to those who are loved by Allahu ta'âlâ.
3 - He will not be given thawâb for any good he does. [This hâdîth-i sherîf shows that the sunnats of those who do not perform the fard prayers in time are not acceptable. That is, they will not be given thawâb for their sunnats].
4 - His prayers (duâs) will not be accepted.
5 - No one will like him.
6 - Blessings that (other) Muslims invoked on him will do him no good.

Kinds of torment he will suffer when dying are:
1 - He will expire in an abhorrent, unsightly, repugnant manner.
2 - He will die hungry.
3 - Much water as he may have, he will die with painful thirst.

Kinds of torment he will suffer in the grave are:
1 - The grave will squeeze him. His bones will intertwine.
2 - His grave will be filled with fire, which will scorch him day and night.
3 - Allahu ta'âlâ will send a huge serpent to his grave. It is not like terrestrial serpents. It will sting him at every prayer time each day. It will never leave him alone any moment.

Kinds of torment he will suffer after rising are:
1 - Angels of torment that will drag him to Hell will never leave him alone.
2 - Allahu ta'âlâ will meet him with wrath.
3 - His account will be settled in a very vehement manner, and he will be flung into Hell."