At The Root Of Any Sort Of Treason Are The British

After the First and Second World Wars, in many countries people who would carry out the British plans and protect the British interests were brought to high positions by the British. These countries have had their own national anthems, national flags, and presidents, yet they have never attained religious freedom. For the last three centuries, any sort of treason committed against the Turkish and Islamic worlds has had the British plotters at its root.

They demolished the Ottoman Empire and established twenty-three big and small states on its lands. Their purpose in doing this was to hinder Muslims from establishing a powerful and great state.

They always instigated hostilities and wars among countries said to be Islamic countries. For instance, they made the ninepercent Nusayrîs dominant in Syria, where the Sunnîs hold a majority. In 1982 the armed forces attacked the cities Hama and Humus, devastating the two cities and bombing the unarmed, defenceless Sunnî Muslims.

They killed true Sunnî scholars, destroyed Islamic books, including copies of Qur'ân al-kerîm. Instead of these Islamic scholars, they brought religiously ignorant, heretical people they had schooled. Of these people: Jamâladdîn Afghânî was born in Afghanistan in 1254 [A. D. 1838]. He read philosophy books. He spied on Afghanistan for the Russians. He went to Egypt, where he became a freemason and was appointed the chief of the masonic lodge. Adip Is-haq of Egypt states in his book Ed-durer that he was the chief of Cairo masonic lodge. It is stated as follows in the hundred and twenty-seventh page of the book Les Franco-Macons, which was printed in France in 1960: "Jamâladdîn Afghânî was appointed chief of the masonic lodges founded in Egypt, and he was succeeded by Muhammad Abdoh. They provided a great deal of help in the spreading of freemasonry among Muslims."